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We have saved our clients over $913,764,992 in property tax reductions

HAR III Real Estate Consultants, Inc. has been providing expert property tax appeal services in Florida and Georgia for decades. Let our expert team of tax consultants help save you money every year by reducing your property taxes.

You could be paying more than you really owe right now. Our mission is to go above and beyond when handling your property tax needs. We have built a reputation in FL and GA for excellence in property tax appeals, property tax reductions, and knowing the tax laws in your county.


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Property Tax News & Important Information

We are commited to providing you with the latest news and information regarding major changes to the laws in your county. When our property tax professionals hear about major news stories related to your area, we post them to our website to keep the public informed throughout the year.


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What People Are Saying About HAR III



Kathy B.

Hill, thank you for all you've done. I realize that you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in my case and I very much appreciate it. So thank you.


Duane D.

I feel like you are owed more than what I am paying. I do appreciate the job you did. I will continue to recommend you whenever property tax problems come up.


Neal B.

Thank you so much! It sucks that we have to spend so much of our time trying to get other people to do their jobs. You made me extra glad that I paid you. Again thanks so much.


Craig P.

Thank you very much, we look forward to working with your company again. Your company was a pleasure to work with previously.


Lee S.

Wonderful... it must feel good to know you can move mountains. What a gift you have given us. Again, thank you all..


James W.

Fast and friendly!


Nathalie Y.

Hill gave me a very detailed appraisal on my home. He was very accommodating, trying to set up an appointment with my property manager. When he was unable to get inside, he found another model the same as mine and took pictures inside, along with pictures of the outside of my property. He found comps nearby and gave me a value above my expectations, but accurate. He then emailed my accountant and me copies of his appraisal, and answered all questions I had. I highly recommend him.


Gabriel S.

It was a pleasure to hire a real pro.

Property: Residential
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Savings: $3,035.39





Property: Commercial
Location: Marietta, GA
Savings: $14,732.85





Property: Residential
Location: Atlanta, GA
Savings: $3,277.43




Property: Residential
Location: Orlando, FL
Savings: $3,935.47




Property: Commercial
Location: Kennesaw, GA
Savings: $5,156.21



Property: Commercial
Location: Naples, FL
Savings: $2,956.84



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