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HAR III Real Estate Consultants, Inc. is your premier choice for residential and commercial real estate needs. From property tax appeals to property appraisals, whether you're buying your first house or looking to sell your home, the quality work and friendly customer service at HAR III is unmatched by anyone in Florida or Georgia.

Leading Property Appraisals

Our experienced property consultants include expert appraisers that do their research to help provide the most accurate valuations in FL and GA. Our clients range from mortgage companies to lenders, businesses and individual homeowners.

Residential Property Tax Appeals

Most property tax appeals are residential tax appeals, and we handle them like a pro! We know the housing market and the tax code in your area. Our tax appeal professionals do the hard work for you, collecting evidence in your favor, filing the correct documents with the court, following up to ensure your case isn't left behind. The county / board have experts on their side,  and you want the best representation possible.

Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Commercial tax appeals can be complicated to handle on your own, as there is a lot of stake. Often times, the value of your commercial property is tied into the income it produces. That means the more successful you are, the more you can get taxed. It's up to you to speak up when you think your commercial property taxes are too high. We can help every step of the way, for every type of business, commercial land, agriculture, and more.

Buying, Selling, and More

Whether you're looking to sell your existing property to a new owner, in the market to buy, or you have real estate questions and need professional consulting, HAR III Real Estate Consultants is in your corner, ready to help you with your property.

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We love getting out and meeting new people! If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. We want to help you with your real estate.

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